Introducing a True Collector’s Item:
Limited Edition CORINTO Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

An ancient artifact is resurrected for our limited edition bottle, inspired by and serving as a tribute to the deeply-rooted and long-lasting connection between the olive tree and the land of Corinth.

Aryvallos, the 7th century B.C. spherical oil flask with a narrow neck, was chosen for its exquisite minimalism and ability to preserve the scent, taste, and properties of the Manaki variety of organic extra virgin olive oil.

The gold leaves of the new CORINTO logo, the only element adorning the bottle’s surface, are a nod to Apollo, the Greek god adored by the Corinthians. According to the legend, his mother, Leto, gave birth to him while clutching the branches of an olive tree, which then turned gold.

Each ceramic limited edition Corinto Organic Extra Virgin olive oil bottle is handmade and refillable. It is the result of a synergy between past and present; a team of contemporary and highly skilled artisans breathing new life to an object from the depths of history.